Found A Ruby And Diamond Cluster Ring Like My Grandmother’s

A Ruby And Diamond Cluster RingMy birthday is coming up in a few weeks and the other day my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I really wasn’t sure what to tell him because I really didn’t want anything at all. That’s when I started thinking about asking him for jewelry. I love to get jewelry and started looking around so I could ask him to get me exactly what I wanted.

I started looking around online at different jewelry stores that are also local. I found lots of things I loved, but one ring in particular stood out to me. It was a ruby and diamond cluster ring. I loved it so much because I can remember my grandmother having one like this and I always thought it was so pretty when she wore it. With my grandmother in mind, I decided to ask him to buy me this ring for my birthday. I told him exactly where to get it from and how much it was. He said he would get me whatever I wanted and that he would look for this ring tonight.

He started looking at it online and saw the price of it. He said before he buys this ring he wants to see it in person because it was a little more expensive. I told him that sounded good because I would love to try it on first and we made plans to go to the mall the next day.

When he got home from work we got ready and went out to eat and then to the mall. We went to the jewelry store that I found the ring at online. They luckily had one in the store that was just my size. I tried it on and my husband really liked it too. He went ahead and bought me the ruby and diamond cluster ring right there. I was so happy I could get it then and not have to wait on it.

A Ruby And Diamond Cluster RingI looked at it on my finger the whole way home. I absolutely love this ring and the way it looks on me. It was such a great purchase and I am so glad I found it. It is a really pretty ring and it reminds me so much of my grandmother.

I have been wearing it all the time and the other day I was at the grocery store and ran into my cousin. She saw the ring I was wearing and asked me if it was our grandmothers ring. I told her no it wasn’t that my husband bought this one for my birthday because I wanted it. I told her it reminded me of our grandmother and that’s why I wanted it. She loved it and asked where I got it because she would love to have one as well. She said she was going to look at them online to see if she could get one in her size.

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